We are the Boop Society of Central Texas, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding organizational support for local, social, and educational events in the Central Texas area. We host 3 monthly social events, quarterly educational workshops, moshes, find volunteers to aid setting up events, and help assess locations and organizations for suitable safe spaces to ensure that they have the equipment necessary to safely host and promote pet play. We accept all critters (pups, kittens, ponies, dragons, and any other species, existing or imagined) and lovers of regardless of gender, sexuality, and background and help them find the best ways for them to live their best critter life. We hope to be a resource for any information a pet player may be looking for, and always look to help facilitate anything a pet player wants to make happen when we can.

Our Officers

President - Marchosias

Vice President - Polygon

Secretary/Treasurer - Clay

Event Coordinator - Fenrir

Volunteer Coordinator - Bun

Inventory Manager - Kie

Webmaster - Lyell

Contact Us

If you have pet play events in the central Texas area to share with us to promote, want to collaborate to organize, or need some assistance to put together, or you have some ideas for adding education and petplay experiences into the community, feel free to send us a message through e-mail or social media.